What is WSTA?

We are tenants and community members on the West side of San Francisco who believe that safe and dignified housing is a human right and land should not be a commodity.

Everyone deserves a place to rest; homes should not be treated as a commodity that disrupts, displaces, or destroys lives. In a city and country with great wealth, housing justice is critical to a healthy society.

We believe in building community by developing strong relationships — if you are facing displacement, you are not alone.

We organize locally to support and defend ourselves from eviction, displacement and harassment. We invest in tenant leadership, autonomy and power, by and for tenants here on the West Side of San Francisco, land of the Ramaytush Ohlone, from the Richmond to Parkmerced.

We stand in solidarity with all tenants (private housing tenants, tenants in inlaws, public housing tenants, and bank tenants) our unhoused neighbors and those fighting for their land. We meet monthly; our activities include know-your-rights workshops, visibilizing evictions and displacement, emergency response networks, answering calls to action on all those who commodify housing or policymakers, and expanding our political education. If you believe safe and dignified housing is a human right and you are willing to act up with your neighbors to make that a reality, join us.