We will never be able to fill all the needs of our community members facing evictions and displacement. We know that real change will come through the abolishment of our current capitalist system that values profits and property rights over people. However, short of that, people have immediate needs and if you have the resources and wish to help then you can contribute to the Mutual Aid fund.

The SF Tenants Fund provides resources to these tenants who are facing displacement and the consequences of eviction.

Ways these funds will and have been used:

  • Support legal costs of fighting evictions in court
  • Material support for living expenses for tenants
  • Moving expenses for those who have been evicted from their home
  • Medical expenses
  • Relocation funds
  • Groceries + basic living necessities

You are here because you want to contribute and you believe in a more just and caring SF where all tenants, regardless of income and background can live and thrive in their communities. Use this form to figure out how much of your resources you should contribute to mutual aid each year and per month. This tool takes in several factors; access to generational wealth, your yearly net income, and your relationship to San Francisco, and comes up with a suggested donation. These questions are also meant to help you reflect on the systems behind our housing crisis and think about your relationship with this land, its communities, its people, and how to approach it with a new liberatory framework. What you input into this form will remain confidential, and will not be used for any other purpose.

Included in this tool is how much you should be paying in Land Tax each month and per year to the Ramaytush Ohlone, who are the original stewards of this land. We highly encourage you to donate to our mutual aid fund and pay your land tax, especially as we are organizing on stolen, unceded Ohlone territory.

What is your yearly income?

How much money do you have saved?

How many other people do you support financially?

Did you / will you inherit money, property, or other assets from family?

Donate to our Venmo, @wstamutualaid! These funds go directly to community members in need.

Why this amount? Why these factors?

San Francisco’s housing crisis is a product of deliberate, painful systems. We must confront how we have benefited and been hurt, while also taking inspiration from tenants who have fought back to protect their communities.

From the roots of settler colonialism, all non-native residents are guests on stolen unceded Ohlone Ramaytush land. We invite you to learn about the first people’s of this land, reflect on how the genocide on the Ramaytush people impacts the wealth and power you hold, and contribute to their work to rematriate the land:, Sogorea Te’ Land Trust

The tyranny of capitalism and colonialism has not stopped there. Targeted movements to erase poor, working class, communities of color has battered the city (Manhattanization, I-Hotel). The dotcom boom, current tech craze, wealth inequality, and heightening corporate greed has gentrified and violently displaced neighbors in the Mission, Hunters Point, SOMA, Bernal Heights (home to many SF landlords), and more. 

However, the city also has a long history of tenant organizing. It is with“people power and collective action” that we can stop evictions and build tenant power in SF, short and long term. Find more political education resources on this living document and learn more through our meetings and actions!